Voice Acting Resource List

Wanna know more about becoming a voice actor? I love my career, but I have to share a secret with you: it’s a sprint, not a marathon.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare.  Prepare for the moment you’ll be in the right place at the right time because that’s often how it works.  And when it happens- you want to be ready!

The three main areas to focus on (and you can do these all at once if you’re eager to get the ball rolling) are

1)Performance Technique 2) Home Studio & 3) Marketing.

 Research, listen, learn, absorb, REPEAT. It takes diligent work and perseverance to get into this business. And no, not just anyone can do it.

Here is a resource list for you to peruse and enjoy, and hopefully benefit from.  Categorized by medium type, almost everything here is FREE. The paid courses are well worth your investment and I can vouch for them.

A lot of people ask me for help on how to “get into” voice acting.  Maybe you’re one of them!  See if some of these links answer your questions.  Join some VO groups on social media and join some local groups that meet in person/virtually.  Network!  You can learn so much this way!

I wish you MUCH success and abundance.  And, of course, if you still have SPECIFIC questions, feel free to reach out.


VO Success   5 Steps to Start (and Grow) Your Voice-Over Career

Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Global Voice Acting Academy

Gravy for the Brain

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Voice-over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind the Mic, Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal

There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is, Elaine Clark

Sound Advice, Dan Friedman

The Sound Advice Encyclopedia, Kate McClanaghan

The Art of Voice Acting, James Alburger

V-Oh!, Marc Cashman & James Alberger

Tales & Techniques of a Voiceover Actor, Harlan Hogan

Voiceover Achiever, Celia Siegel

Voice Over Legal, Robert J. Sciglimpaglia, Jr.

Intent to Live, Larry Moss


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